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Past Concerts

Programme of Music for the February 2010 concert












E Osterling

El Camino Real (A Latin Fantasy)

A Reed

Euphonium Feature: Serenade

Soloists: David Burridge & Don Peerless

arr C Cole

Theatre Music

P Sparke

Trumpet Feature: Trumpets Wild

Soloists: Keith Davies, Steve Misson & Keith Deary

H Walters

Suite Francaise

D Milhaud

Symphonic Marches

J Williams

Introducing the ‘New Eden Big Band’

Lead by Ken Peers

1. Count Bubba’s Revenge

Gordon Goodwin

2. Hunting Wabbits

Gordon Goodwin

3. Get in Line

Gordon Goodwin

4. West Side Story

arr. B Rich

Suite in Eb

G Holst

March Cavalry of the Steppes

arr. R Woodfield

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