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Past Concerts

Programme of Music for the October 2009 concert











Concert Prelude

Philip Sparke

The Best of the Beatles

Lennon & McCartney arr. David Cole

Introducing the Beznea Brass Band
1. Majesty
2. Jesus, Yes Jesus
3. I Chose
4. Amazing Grace
5. As A Deer Panteth After Water
6. Slaves Chorus from Nabuco
7. Alleluia


Jean Sibelius arr. Frank Winterbottom

Trombone Solo: Over The Rainbow
Soloist: Graham Harvey

Harold Arlen/Eva Cassidy arr. D Johnson

Horn Feature: Round The Horn

S Johnson

March: The Blue and The Gold

F Jameson


Paul Hart

The Shepherd’s Song

arr. Goff Richards

Suite of Old American Dances

1. Western One Step
2. Wallflower
3. Waltz
4. Cakewalk

R Bennett

The Bandwagon

Philip Sparke

Proceeds donated to White Cross Mission

This concert was combined with the Beznea Brass Band